Traffice studies & analysis

Suncon Engineers Traffice studies & analysis services
Suncon Engineers, a leading Project Management Consultancy in Pune, Maharashtra, India; has vast experience in Traffic Study & Analysis. Traffic & Transportation Department at Suncon Engineers handles independent assignments as well as renders an able support to the sister departments such as highway design and others. Independently, the department has ably provided services in the areas of Comprehensive Traffic and Transportation Planning, Terminal Designs and Regional Transportation Studies. At the same time, and in parallel, it has been participating in the multi-focus regional transportation studies by providing the required input including the conduct of land surveys, data analysis, interpretation, traffic forecast, economic and financial analysis. It is single most important department in the company providing roadmap of growth for rest of the department with a stronger team and many more independent as well as multi-sectoral assignments.

Adoption appropriate technologies including use of:

Intelligent transportation systems
Geographic information systems
Travel demand modeling
Transport Economics
Financial planning
Parking studies
Traffic safety studies
Traffic impact assessment
Traffic management strategies
Bus lane planning and design

Suncon Engineers Traffice Management Methodology
                                  (Flow chart of Methodology of study)

  • Traffic Survey – Origin & Destination Survey, Number Plate Survey, Classified Survey, Parking Survey, Axial Survey, Turning Movement Survey, Volume Count Survey
  • Traffic Survey for Railway
  • Traffic Analysis