Report preparation

Suncon Service Report Preperation
Suncon Service Report Preperation

In Construction Project Management Consultancy work, accuracy in Land Survey, Soil Investigation work, Hydraulic Design, Structural Design, Cost Estimates etc. tasks are very crucial. In addition to that,
presentation of final detailed Engineering Report is also important and should be in good presentation format as well as should meet the standard guidelines prescribed by respective Government and private bodies. Suncon Engineering Pvt. Ltd. based at Pune, Maharashtra, India does follow all the guidelines of report preparation as well as we make sure that accuracy is maintained while drafting this crucial report. We have all the expertise from skilled man power to technologies and tools to carry below different project report activities.

1. Detailed Project Report
2. Cost Estimates with Specifications and Methodology
3. Financial Analysis, Viability, Rate of Return
4. General Arrangement Drawing (GAD)
5. Conceptual Planning & Report
6. Preliminary Report
7. Project Report
8. Inception Report
9. Tender Document Preparation
10.Preparation of BOQ, Specification, Clauses

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Details of different reports are mentioned below:

1. PREFEASIBILITY STUDY REPORT: It includes market survey, general financial analysis, general economic analysis, tentative cost of project, project location alternative studies which helps to identify the project and check viability of project in general sense to technical, political, financial and environmental.

2. FEASIBILITY STUDY REPORT: It includes description of project, availability of inputs, alternative studies with recommended options of area, alignment, location, structure. Detailed cost of project includes design and drawings on the basis of land survey and soil investigation and testing. Financial analysis includes fund flow, internal rate of return in terms of financial and economic, net present value, Institutional participation, land acquisition status, general operation and maintenance schedule, general arrangement drawings to prepare structural design and working drawings. Guidelines to project management consultancy to monitor the project implementation. Preparation of drawings.

3. DETAILED PROJECT REPORT (DPR): Detailed design of component includes land survey and soil investigation work, project background. Detailed cost of components includes land cost, cash flow management, and detailed cost estimates of all components. Detail of shifting schedule of utilities, institutional participation, phasing of project, financial analysis, and tender document preparation includes letter of invitation, conditions of contract, clauses, detailed specifications, structural design and working drawings.